Dr. Rouger - Ph.D. in artificial intelligence from UESTC. Has created China's leading cross-border e-commerce platform YGM, overseas parallel imports of online retail platform Daboche and other internet companies, has extensive experience in transnational corporations and business management, familiar with financial and capital markets. As an early digital cryptocurrency investor and loyal follower, he owns several mines around the world.

Doctor Rouger Wu


Shaun Wang - Multiple investment management operations of innovative companies with experience in software services, digital currency and financial products. Graduated from University of Colorado Electrical and Computer Engineering, and has extensive experience in team management. He has a solid technology base in blockchain, digital currency project distribution and global management experience.

Shaun Wang


Dr. Dannel - Has led the group dealing with business negotiations and strategic cooperation in over ten international business lines, professional on exceeding general laws in terms of splitting and external financing of large businesses.

Doctor Dannel


CEO of Bai Yi International Trade Company, BHP global trade settlement partner,expert of crypto mining and trading. Strong advocate of blockchain and crypto finance market.

Zhe Kin

Korean Branch Manager

Dr. Chris - Professional analyst in Deutsche with many years' financial management capabilities, early encrypted digital investor and blockchain research expert.

Doctor Chris

Principal Analyst

Senior-level Information Technology Manager with 20+ years of extensive experience in program management and Project management and consulting, support CxO-level Executives. Blockchain believer. Developed coinveer crypto exchange.

Amin AL Haddad

MiddleEast Branch Manager

Experience with a variety of online marketing mediums and a degree in Global Marketing from USC. Specialties include digital media, consumer behavior, brand awareness, and omni-channel marketing campaigns.

Maddie Quinn

Global Advertising Manager

BHP Global Business Department


BHP Global Division GM


BHP Global Division(Japan)VP


BHP Global Division(USA)VP


BHP Global Division VP


BHP Global Division(Korea)VP


Qi Yuan

Ant Finanical Vice President,Chief Scientist

Ant Financial Vice President, Chief Scientist. Massachusetts Institute of Technology postdoctoral, Purdue University, Department of Computer Science and Lifetime Professor of Statistics.

Hai Jiang

Founder and CEO of Bubi Networks

Founder and CEO of Bubi Networks and Ph.D in Chinese Academy of Sciences. Almost ten years of experience in scientific research and product development in the field of network communications, distributed computing networks, network content security, new electronic money and P2P payment networks.

Jia Guo

Founder of Xi Jin

Founder of Xi Jin Capital and partner of Ventech China Capital. Focuses on early-stage and long-term investment in areas such as TMT, consumer upgrades, financial services and big data.

Kai Gu

Co-founder of Qifu Capital

Co-founder of Qifu Capital. Concerned about emerging internet technology, finance and blockchain areas of investment. Management of 19 funds, the scale of which are more than 30 billion RMB. Investor in Bubi and Babit.

Rui Xiong

Founder of Holly Capital

Ripple, the founder of Holly Capital, has invested in innovative VC projects including Himalayas, Art Po and Aunt Auditions, as well as EOS, KNC, ELA and MDS, love philosophy, with a master's degree in law.

Linke Yang

Founder of China’s first bitcoin

Founder of first Chinese bitcoin trading platform BTCChina. Led advanced development of digital assets in China. Founder of Bitcoin Diamond (BCD), core member of ICOCOIN. Pioneer of blockchain and cryptocurrency in China.

Sam Bao

COO of Gudong Network

COO of Gudong Network and CTO of Cisco China involving bank finance platforms such as Agricultural Bank of China. Manager of Cisco Asia marketing department and winner of award in sales contest. COO of Gudong Network and responsible for global business management.

Lousi J Adler

Financial Product Manager

Financial Product Manager. Executive at Wall Street top tier investment bank, has advanced degree in physics, over 20 years of experience working in investment banks and hedge funds experience specifically in equities and equity derivatives trading, portfolio management and risk management.